Education is an investment in the future of this country - one that we cannot afford not to make. We rely on quality education to provide us with an informed, capable, and effective future generation of adults. Making quality schooling a priority is the best way to ensure that the great minds of tomorrow are prepared to face any challenges that may arise.


And while this is a great reason to take education seriously, it’s not the only one!

Societal progress and sustainable development

Schooling and education play a critical role in the way society progresses, especially at a time when sustainable development is so incredibly crucial. Quality education leads to informed citizenship, thoughtful behaviour, and a sense of responsibility to the local community as well as the environment. It empowers children and teenagers to actively contribute to the world around them in a positive way.  


Continuous technological advancement

Quality education doesn’t just teach young people facts and figures, it teaches them how to continue learning. In a world where technology is evolving at an incredible rate, it’s important that future generations are able to not only keep up with the latest tech but work on creating more innovations using that knowledge. 


We’re living in a globalised world

The world is becoming more and more interconnected each and every day. Where you used to only communicate with and work with people who were in your local area, you can now work for a company in Japan and be managed by a team lead in Germany. Young people need to understand how to communicate on a global level and in a way that is respectful, calm, and effective. This starts at a schooling level. 


Critical thinking should start from a young age

Critical thinking in the modern era is so important. Every day, we’re bombarded with information from multiple sources at a rapid rate. Young people need to know how to think critically and distinguish facts from opinions, understand the broader contexts of information, and decide on their own beliefs. Quality education provides the basis for this and ensures that the next generation won’t blindly trust every piece of information that comes their way. 


Social and cultural awareness

A well-rounded and informed schooling system not only provides academic knowledge and understanding but also encourages social and cultural awareness. It’s crucial for young people to understand and appreciate different cultures, perspectives, challenges, and ideas. 


Health and well-being

Quality education also teaches young people about how to take care of themselves in a healthy and productive way. Through schooling, they learn important lessons about physical health, sexual health, mental health, and overall well-being. If we want to reduce the health disparities in this country and motivate for a healthier future, we need to focus on teaching young people how to care for themselves while still at school. 


Promoting equality 

Quality education shouldn’t be for only the few. It should be for every young person and child in the country (and the world). It’s a great equaliser and gives all young people the opportunity for a good future that includes a happy home life as well as a solid career. By ensuring quality education is provided to everyone, regardless of their background or any other factors, we can ensure a more equal and equitable future. 


Teaching resilience

Life isn’t always easy, and growing up can be tough at times, which is why resilience is such an important quality for any person to have. Good education nurtures a young person’s identity and sense of self, which allows them to learn resilience from a young age. 


Quality education is something that we’re incredibly passionate about at Now Education. It’s why we wake up every morning and go to work. We believe in matching the best teaching talent with the right schools to ensure the best possible outcomes for everyone, especially the learners. 


If you’re looking for your next teaching role and you want to truly make a difference, get in touch. And if you’re a school that’s looking for a teacher who will make a difference in the lives of your learners, don’t hesitate to contact us

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