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We believe that every supply teacher should be given the opportunity to achieve what they want to, they should enjoy and be motivated by the work that they do. We also believe that they should feel safe and supported with their career choices.

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You will have one main Consultant, but because your availability is shared with the entire team, you’ll have multiple consultants finding you work in the background. If you want to do daily cover, you are more likely to fill your week with work. If you prefer longer term work, you are far more likely to seamlessly move from assignment to assignment.

Each office has a dedicated Compliance Officer which greatly reduces the time between your initial registration, the completion of all safeguarding checks and being ready for work. The faster you are ready for work, the sooner you will start earning.

Working with Now Education also means you choose your payroll provider and the most suitable payroll method based on your needs; we won’t force you down one payroll route or insist on a particular payroll provider. Upon registration, Now Education will offer you either a Standard PAYE pay rate or an Umbrella PAYE assignment rate, advising you of the best option depending on your personal circumstances.


When registering with Now Education you will have one main consultant, but because we share your availability with our entire team, you will have multiple consultants working hard to find your work. This means that: a greater volume of work; more consultants means it is more likely you will work each day if you are available Greater variety of work; more consultants means you can, if you wish, work in a variety of settings: primary, secondary and send greater volume of work means increased and consistent levels of income each academic year.

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our values

At Now Education we value action.

Be Truthful:
we are honest in everything we do; we tell the truth and we accept the truth.

Be Transparent: we are transparent in our actions, decisions and communication.

Be Trustworthy: we build and maintain trust by being credible, reliable and ensure those we serve and work with feel safe and secure.

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