Now Education believes that trust is not only something that is earned, but also something that can be quantified, measured and improved.


Trust and trustworthiness are derived from four factors: Credibility, Reliability, Security and Self-Orientation. These four factors are arranged into the following equation and each factor can be scored between 1-10 to create a trust quotient. The greater the credibility, reliability, sense of security and level of self-orientation, the higher the trust quotient. Have a go yourself!

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How much do you trust Now Education?



(Credibility +

Reliability +



Imagine there are two agencies: Now Education and XYZ Ltd.

If you scored Now Education with a 10, 9 and 10 for credibility, reliability and security and then a 3 for self orientation – you believe that Now Education puts your needs first.

If you scored XYZ Ltd. with a 10, 9 and 10 for credibility, reliability and security and then a 9 for self-orientation, you believe that they act in their own self-interest. Everything that they do is self-serving.

Now Education’s trust quotient = 29/3 = 9.67

XYZ Ltd.’s trust quotient = 29/9 = 3.2

Both agencies are just as credible, reliable and provide the same security but you trust Now Education more because they demonstrate that they put your interests first.

Now Education’s intent is to build to a high level, maintain our trust quotient with you over time.

It is vitally important for us to have earned your trust, but it is also important for us to know what we need to work on to help you trust us more.

We can only do that by measuring each element of the trust quotient equation.

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our values

At Now Education we value action.

Be Truthful:
we are honest in everything we do; we tell the truth and we accept the truth.

Be Transparent: we are transparent in our actions, decisions and communication.

Be Trustworthy: we build and maintain trust by being credible, reliable and ensure those we serve and work with feel safe and secure.

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