Our Standard Terms of Business

Unless otherwise agreed, these Terms of Business set out the contract between Now Education Ltd and the schools we supply.  

To make things simple, it’s important we briefly explain what each section means:

Definitions: this part defines all the key terms in the contract.

The Contract: this part describes what the contract is, when it is valid from etc. The most important thing to take from this section is that the terms of the contract are agreed to when one of our candidates is engaged by a school either on a temporary or permanent basis.  There is no need to sign the terms to agree to them.

Charges for Engagement on a Temporary Basis: this section explains how our charges are calculated, that invoices are sent out weekly and that our standard payment terms are 30 days from the date of invoice.

Information to be Provided: this sets out the information your school will receive when you engage with our candidates.

Timesheets: this section describes the process for approving timesheets including how frequently they are signed, who signs them, the approved methods of confirming days and/or hours worked etc.  In short, timesheets are confirmed weekly, they are required to be signed by a member of staff who is authorised to confirm timesheets and we generally accept Now Education paper timesheets, but the vast majority of schools either confirm via email or our online portal.

Payment of Temporary Worker: this part explains that Now Education outsources its payroll, that we don’t make statutory deductions such as National Insurance contributions, but these are charged back to Now Education by our payroll providers.

As a side note, all our candidates are paid on a PAYE basis; either Standard PAYE or Umbrella PAYE.  We do not pay any candidate through their own Limited Company or make gross payments to candidates.

Transfer and Introduction Fees: this section sets out the standard fees which apply if a candidate introduced by Now Education is employed by a school or switched to another agency after their introduction.  In the absence of negotiation, the standard terms apply. But as with all standard terms and fees, these are negotiable.

Ultimately, we want to ensure the best outcome for all concerned: your school, the candidate, Now Education and of course, the pupils. 

Introduction fees are designed to reflect the recruitment and safeguarding costs and reasonable profit levels expected from the placement of each candidate. But we also recognise that schools operate within budget constraints and that a candidate may be keen to sign a permanent contract of employment.

Therefore, we encourage schools to approach us to negotiate such fees. We will always seek to reach an agreement which offers the best outcome for everyone.

Liability: this section sets out the liabilities of Now Education and schools. Most importantly, this part explains that our candidates are under the supervision, direction and control of schools for the duration of each assignment. This section also points to the various legal statutes schools are required to adhere to when engaging our candidates on assignment.

Termination: Now Education is happy to reduce or cancel charges for time worked provided that an assignment is cancelled within the standard terms.  We do require notification of the unsuitability of the Temporary Worker is confirmed in writing within 24 hours of the termination of the Assignment.

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